Akuvox Intercom Cloud Platform Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement (the “Agreement”) specifies the terms and definitions, service availability metrics, compensation plan, disclaimer clause, and other related content for the services provided by Akuvox Intercom Cloud Platform (including SmartPlus App). Please read the Agreement carefully.

1. Terms and Definitions

1.1 Akuvox Intercom Cloud Platform Service

Akuvox Intercom Cloud Platform Service (the “Service”) refers to the device management, door access, communication, videos, and other features and functions provided by Akuvox through the App and web interface. The specific functional descriptions and usage instructions of this Service can be found in the Akuvox Knowledge Base(Accessed through the official website entrance).

1.2 Service Period

The service period refers to the duration agreed within a single service agreement, with a minimum term of one month. A service agreement can be terminated in advance or renewed upon expiration.

1.3 Service Charge

The total fees charged by Akuvox for Service during a service cycle, excluding any purchased but not yet used services. The service fee is calculated on a monthly basis, with a one-month free trial available by default upon your first-time subscription.

1.4 Service Unavailability

If any core functions provided by the Service, including but not limited to login, audio and video calls, video previews, opening door on the homepage, are unavailable on any client, such as the App, device, and cloud platform website (the “Client”) during any minute, it will be added to the number of minutes of service unavailability in the service month. If any of the core functions, including but not limited to login, audio and video calls, video previews, opening door on the homepage, are available through any client during a minute of the service month, then it is not counted as minutes of service unavailability in the service month. The total minutes of unavailability in a service month is the sum of unavailable minutes during that period.

1.5 Failure Event

If a Client's service is unavailable for more than one minute, it is considered as a failure event. Cases that are exempted from the calculation of unavailability time are specified in the exclusion clause below.

1.6 Service Unavailability Time in Service Period

The sum of the minutes of the all failure events within a service period.

1.7 Total Service Time in Service Period

1.7The total Service time in a service month = service days × 24 (hours) × 60 (minutes).

2. Service Level Commitments

The availability of this service provided by Service shall not be less than 99.99%. In the event that Akuvox fails to meet the aforementioned availability standard (excluding cases covered by exclusion clauses), you are entitled to compensate as specified in Article 3 of this Agreement.

2.1 Service Availability

Service availability = (1 - Service Unavailability Time in Service Period) / Total Service Time in Service Period × 100%.

2.2 Failure Recovery Capability

Akuvox has a 24/7 professional team to maintain the Cloud service. The team is able to monitor, identify issues, alert, and restore functionality. Users can access technical support through the ticket-based system and phone services.

3. Compensation Plan

3.1 Applicable Scope

Applicable to compensation requested by users due to service unavailability or complete inaccessibility caused by failures attributable to Akuvox Intercom Cloud Platform.

3.2 Compensation Principles/Standards

We will convert the actual duration of the failure occurrence into corresponding time, and compensate by issuing vouchers and extending the service hours.

3.3 Compensation Application

3.3.1 You are entitled to request compensation for the service unavailability in the previous month by submitting an application after the fifth (5th) working day of each month. Compensation applications must be submitted within two months after the end of the relevant month when the overall service was unavailable. Compensation applications submitted beyond the application deadline will not be accepted.

3.3.2 You must provide relevant proof materials for the service unavailability claim.

4. Exclusions

If the Service is unavailable due to any of the following reasons, the corresponding downtime shall not be counted to Service unavailability period. Akuvox Intercom Cloud Platform shall not provide compensation for such downtime, and shall not be liable to you:

4.1 System maintenance conducted by Akuvox with prior notice, including but not limited to cutovers, repairs, upgrades, and simulated drills.

4.2 Any network or terminal device failures or configuration adjustments outside the cloud host of Akuvox Intercom Cloud Platform.

4.3 Local application programs or data information of customers that are attacked by hackers.

4.4 Any data, passwords, etc. loss or leakage due to customer’s improper maintenance or improper confidentiality measures.

4.5 Unstable network of customer terminals, including but not limited to network disconnection, insufficient network signals, and network jitter.

4.6 Unavailability caused by customers not following the product documentation or usage recommendations of Akuvox Intercom Cloud Platform.

4.7 Suspension or release of services due to customer’s non-payment or delay in payment.

4.8 Any errors or failures on mobile phones caused by software installed by customers or third-party software or configurations that are not directly operated by Akuvox Intercom Cloud Platform.

4.9 Any malfunction or failure caused by customer’s negligence or operations authorized by the customer.

4.10 Suspension or termination of the service according to laws, regulations, agreements, or policies referred to in the Agreement.

4.11 Any force majeure events, including but not limited to problems caused by third-party service providers, such as Amazon Cloud and Alibaba Cloud.

5. Miscellaneous

5.1 The parties hereto acknowledge and agree that, in the event of any losses incurred during your use of this service due to any breach of contract by Akuvox Intercom Cloud Platform Service the total compensation payable by Akuvox for breach of contract shall not exceed the total amount of service fees you have paid for the relevant service during a single contract period.

5.2 Akuvox Intercom Cloud Platform has the right to amend the terms of this SLA. Akuvox Intercom Cloud Platform will inform you 30 days in advance of any changes made to the Agreement through official website announcements or emails. If you do not agree with the modifications made by Akuvox Intercom Cloud Platform to the SLA, you have the right to stop using this service. By continuing to use this service, you shall be deemed that you have accepted the amended SLA.

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